Thursday, April 26, 2018


Nothing in life comes easy, we have to fight all odds to get what we want. I have been reading the story of Joseph and David (My favorite stories in the Bible). Apart from being inspiring I learnt a lot from these two great men.

Joseph was used by God to save his people from dying of drought but to be able to save them he had to withstand hate from his eleven brothers and imprisonment in Egypt. From his story we learn that God can use your pain to make you a victor.

Although David was anointed to be a king, while still a boy he had to go through a lot of turmoil to become king, from Saul trying to kill him to his own son trying to over throw him. He stood firm through it all and he was one of the best kings that Israel ever had.

There was a time I was looking for a job for over three years with no luck, in between I tried different businesses and some failed terribly. I remember crying and wondering when my light would shine, failed business and a hundred interviews that were never fruitful. I would pray and tell God I want a job right now, but God does not work like a microwave, he makes everything perfect at his time.

I do not know what you are going through but I know it shall be well, God is working behind the scenes. Do not give up on your businesses if they fail keep pushing, every day you learn a new hustle and as long as you are giving it 100%, God will be right by your side.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Clearing the Jellies in your life....

I discovered "Candy Crush" game the other day, and one of my friends tells me am really behind news.

Anyway as I was playing this game of clearing jelly, it reminded me of my life.
Many are the times I have had a lot of jellies to clear in my life, just like the game there is that one stubborn jelly that gives me pain. That makes me want to give up, and just quit, and just like in the game I give myself more chances to fight it.

In life we will always have problems, small, big name it, but how we fight is what matters. How we rise after the problem is what matters, do you beat yourself up for something that is beyond you? Do you let the problem affect you spiritually and health wise? Or do you shake yourself, smile and give yourself more chances to fight.

I believe in the power of prayers, as you fight, say a prayer that our Good Lord will give you the strength to fight the right battles.

Keep clearing the jellies in your life away.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today as I was reading the story of Noah in the Bible, it made me reflect on what I want in my life in 2016.
Without realizing it we build arks in our lives on a daily basis but we do not follow God's guidance on what to take inside the Ark. We take in hate, vengeance, low self esteem, and a lot of issues that burden us on our daily walk.

As we start off this New Year, let’s start it by building Arks that will withstand every storm in our lives, let’s build arks of love, kindness, patience, and all things positive in life.

As you build your Ark learn to listen to God’s voice just like Noah did, Happy New Year.

Let me start building my Ark.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

From the Known to the Unknown....

2015 is 30 minutes away as I write this. I am all alone in the house, my husband is in another corner of Kenya keeping peace and our little princess is asleep.

As I reflect on 2014 and all that happened I am greateful, greatful for the lessons and the gift of good health. As I usher in 2015 my Prayer is that the lessons 2014 taught me will help me become a better person and that I will be able to fight the fear of the unknown.

My prayer is that nothing will hold me back in fighting for my dreams and achieving them. I also pray that my country Kenya will be more secure so I can have my husband near me {;)}....

My prayer is that my family and friends will be well and that 2015 will treat them kind....

As I sit all alone in the house I can't help but thank my heavenly father for the gift of life...Let me count along with the rest of Kenya...5,4,3,2,1....HAVE A BLESSED 2015

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life’s little lessons….

Today as I was taking my morning jog, I remembered how it was hard for me when I started. There is a small hill that I have to pass and I really hated it, every time I got there I would tell my husband that I need to rest, he would push me on, do not stop jogging just slow down but do not stop.

That is how life is, that hill represents the hardships we endure. We want to stop and take the easy route but we have to push on, you can stop to refocus but you have to keep moving and when you get on the other side of the hill you will realize nothing lasts forever and the satisfaction of having endured makes you a fighter.

As you pass the hills of life slow down but do not stop, keep fighting and jogging through all of them.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Caro....

Dear Caro,

Today is a big milestone for you, turning 25.

I want to wish you well, happiness, love and joy, am so proud for the far you've come. Watching you fight so many obstacles and still smiling through it all. I envy you Swits, I had not achieved what you have, when I was 25. Hold your head high, because you are an amazing, confident woman and I thank God Leyla has you to guide her.

Thank you for what you been in my life, more than a sister, you have never turned your back and though i am older I always learn alot from you. As you celebrate your birthday, remember i love you so very much and i'm keeping this space open because i know you are going places.

Happy Birthday First born and Mapenzi tele.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Mathare...

One thing I remember most while growing up in Mathare Slums is the LOVE we shared, back then we were one big community. It saddens me what has become of Mathare right now, Tribalism has taken root, and the sad part is that the ones causing it is our generation.
Back in the day I remember my mum speaking luo and kamba so well, we did not have the tribal barrier. Our parents did not care about it, instead they cared about raising children as a community.

Christmas was for all, Fatuma would braid our hair so well, while Akumu would cook great pilau, then we would all go for Maji Mazuri camping trip. I wish I can recall where we went wrong, what happened that we lost respect for human life, what made us feel so at ease to kill each other so quickly.

I wish I knew when we allowed our heads to be filled with dirt about other tribes, I wish I would go back to my Mathare, where we would play outside till late in the evening with no worries, where one neighbour’s loss was a loss for all of us and where children were not afraid of being associated to a particular tribe.

I thank God for the young people who are still fighting to have that Mathare back, Titus Kuria, Julius Mwelu, Wairimu Gitau, Maji Mazuri Youth group, Roots Group, David Waithaka, and our big sister Naomi who loves Mathare in a special way. I pray and wish that My Mathare will be back one day, but as we wait lets spread LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE….


Nothing in life comes easy, we have to fight all odds to get what we want. I have been reading the story of Joseph and David (My favorite s...